A Message From the New SurgeryU Editor-in-Chief!

I am thrilled to serve as the new Editor-in-Chief of SurgeryU. In addition to this important role, I am the FMIGS Associate Program Director at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Some of you may also recognize me from my educational surgical video content that I post on my social media. My experiences have shaped my passion for education and the valuable role of video trainings to support our professional development.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Dr. Suketu Mansuria for his exceptional work and dedication to SurgeryU over the past six years. This platform is a valuable resource for gynecological surgeons of all levels, providing a wealth of surgical information. It is due to Dr. Mansuria’s dedication and commitment that SurgeryU is where it is today.

The AAGL SurgeryU team and Editorial Board have many exciting events planned for 2023, including several monthly FMIGS, Special Interest Group, and Industry-sponsored webinars. These events provide opportunities for us to learn from our surgeon colleagues and industry partners around the world. I highly recommend not missing these opportunities.

My vision for SurgeryU is to build upon its strong foundation and make it even better. Improving accessibility is at the top of my priority list. Busy surgeons need seamless access to educational surgical content, and I plan to enhance the platform’s accessibility by making it possible to access content on any device, including computers, tablets, and cell phones.

In addition to improving accessibility, I also want to improve the user experience by incorporating personalization into the platform. By curating video content based on your training level or practice interest, such as vaginal surgery, hysteroscopy, oncology, fibroids, or endometriosis, personalization will make SurgeryU a more meaningful platform for our members.

Engagement is another area of focus for me. I aim to improve the platform so that our thousands of members can engage and learn from each other in a meaningful way, with video content serving as the focal point of learning and discussion.

Lastly, AAGL has always been at the forefront of embracing groundbreaking surgical innovations, and as the new Editor-in-Chief of SurgeryU, I am committed to continuing this legacy. This platform has always showcased the latest surgical techniques and technologies, and I plan to further this mission by featuring the work of innovative surgeons from around the world through webinars, product features, and surgical footage.

I am eager to start my role as your Editor-in-Chief and work with the SurgeryU Team and Editorial Board to make this platform even better. I hope you are as excited as I am for the future of SurgeryU.

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